2022 Good Times, Great Days, PWAS Art Events

A collection of photos from 2022 featuring PWAS artists and art events around the county, where members of the Prince William Art Society share their artwork. 

April 25, 2022 Guest Speaker Ken Meardon

An Unexpected Photoart Journey

Beginning with his unique multi-level photoart, Ken Meardon shares his experience in an ever-evolving journey of creating original art using digital photography and computer software. For more information


March 28, 2022 Guest Speaker Rich Moore

Following the business meeting, we invite you to join artist and oil painter Rich Moore as he shares his experiences, artwork, inspiration and encouraging stories of more than 40 years in the art field. All programs are open to the public free of charge. 


February 28, 2022 Guest Speaker Janet Hansen Martinet

Following a business portion of the meeting there will be a program featuring Fine Artist Janet Hansen Martinet, whose watercolor paintings are both spare and rich. Ms. Martinet will share how she starts with an image - usually using one of her own photos - and selects elements to include or delete for a stronger composition. She will focus her program on how working with frisket, peebo and a toothbrush are fundamental to producing many of her award winning watercolors, some of which can be seen at https://www.loftgallery.org/our-artists/watercolor/janet-hansen-martinet-watercolor/

2022_2_5_HansenMartinet_Snowbird_ 009.JPG