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Bettie Sperty Art



Acrylic, Ink and colored pencil, Mixed media,  Hand built pottery


Accepts Commissions:

 On a case by case basis


Bettie Sperty is a local Virginia artist who enjoys working with a variety of mediums.

She is mostly self-taught, but has been honing her skills most of her life, watching other artists, picking up a workshop here and there, exploring techniques, styles and mediums on her own.


Over the years she has worked as a floral designer, a display person, painted custom murals in model homes, businesses and private homes, custom painted furniture and donated her time and skills for schools, senior buildings and pet rescue organizations. 


Bettie’s painting style runs from fun, colorful and whimsical to the fine detail of Tromp L’oeil (photo realism). Her hand built pottery pieces are colorful and creative and showcase her attention to detail. 

Through her artwork, Bettie’s hope is simply to bring a smile to a face, touch your heart or make your eyes happy.

Keeper of Dreams

Keeper of Dreams Ceramic 10" x 10"

Descending Orb

Descending Orb Ceramic with Mirrored Holes 10" x 8"

Sheep #1

Sheep #1 Colored Pencil & Ink on 8" x 11" Paper

Sheep #2

Sheep #2 Colored Pencil & Ink on 8" x 11" Paper


Mack Acrylic on Canvas 12" x 12"

Maxwell Livingston O'Reilly

Maxwell Livingston O'Reilly Acrylic on Canvas 5" x 7"


Cracker Acrylic on Canvas 5" x 7"

People Vessel

People Vessel Ceramic 8" x 5"

Vase with House

Vase with House Ceramic 8" x 2"

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