Open Space Arts at Stonebridge - an art gallery in Woodbridge, Virginia

15000 #140 Potomac Town Center, Woodbridge, Virginia 

Open Space Arts (OSA) at Stonebridge is a gift. A gift to Prince William County artists and art groups within the county as well as the entire PWC community. The purpose is to present the visual arts to the area, to spread the word that there is an art scene in this county and it is populated by a huge group of creative people that want to be seen and heard, to share and discuss the world of art. 

Serving all Prince William County Artists*

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Our Story

There are a LOT of people behind Open Space Arts that made this gallery happen. 

The Management Team of Stonebridge is JBG Smith Company and their Lead Property Manager, Anastasia Podorski worked with Herb Williams, the Parks and Recreation Specialist of PWC, and the decision was made of allowing a fine art gallery to be in an empty space at 15000 #140 Potomac Town Center, Woodbridge, VA. In turn, contact was made with the Prince William Art Society (PWAS), a non-profit art group that has been active in PWC for over 50 years to help "man" the gallery.

In actuality, the first art show in Open Space Arts took place on November 26 to December 12, 2021. The artists of PWAS setup the art show then displayed their art and hundreds of guests were thrilled, some shocked, and all very happily enjoyed the art on display. The duration of the show was only a few weekends at that time, but the seeds were sown at that point. (Or the paint was splattered!)

The gallery opened in April 2022 with the art of local PWC artists from around the county and continues to thrill all who visit. A typical exclamation is heard as someone walks by, "Is this an ART GALLERY??!!" And they come in and are welcomed by the artists working the desk (often with art up of their own). 

There is a lot on our radar including workshops, classes, space rental, upcoming art shows, themes, and so much more. So stay tuned and watch for those Calls for Art if you are an artist and updates on what's next in this beautiful space for art.

*Artists 18 or older. Artists residing in Prince William County or a member of a PWC art group. All are welcome to get on our email list and submit when the Call for Art goes out.

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