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The Prince William Art Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

made up of local artists living in Prince William County, Virginia.


Mission Statement

To promote the creation, understanding and exhibition of

the visual fine arts in Prince William County, VA.

We Offer

Workshops, Gallery Visits, and Other Activities

Seems like we always have something going on! Whether it's an
all-day "abstracts" workshop or a trip to the National Gallery - the
Art Society sponsors a number of activities year-round of interest to
both the working artist and the casual art lover. 

  • Unleash your creative spirit 

  • Network with fascinating people 

  • Tap your inner depths 

  • Stretch your viewpoint 

  • Explore new worlds 


Join the Prince William Art Society!  

We Deliver

Monthly Programs

Monthly meetings which are held on the the fourth Monday of every month
with the exception of January, and December, are followed by well planned
programs of educational value, conducted by guests with various backgrounds
in the arts. 

We offer refreshments and time to get acquainted with other artists.

Meetings are (typically*) held at

Tall Oaks Community Center,
12298 Cotton Mill Drive, Lake Ridge, VA, 22191

*Occasionally a meeting might be held at Open Space Arts at Stonebridge, but
announcements are made - check the website.


We make every effort to conduct at least two affordable workshops per year
covering different mediums or subjects. 


The artwork on this site is authored and owned by the Prince William Art Society, Inc.
with all rights reserved. 

Said artwork is for personal use and may not be altered, converted or uploaded
to any electronic system or included in any collection of any type without the
express written permission of the Prince William Art Society, Inc. and the artists
it represents.

The Prince William Arts Society is a member of 


If you would like to become a Sponsor or Patron, please make a Donation via the Membership Form

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