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Sandra McClelland Lewin


Vice President:
Ana Quispe


Ken Meardon


Maria Briganti 

Member at Large:
Jewell Pratt Burns



Barbara Abel




Emily Hawes



Jewell Pratt Burns  



Ken Meardon


Clearbrook Gallery:

Topaz Campbell




Currently Vacant

Workshops and Field Trips

Currently vacant



Jewell Pratt Burns and Emily Hawes, 


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Attend a PWAS monthly meeting, or talk to us at one of our events, or simply send us an email.



Membership is open to all individuals, 18 years of age or older, that are  interested in supporting the goals of the Society. 

To help meet those goals, it is essential that everyone volunteer in some way to assist elected board members to accomplish the goals set out in the by-laws. 

Members are expected to contribute at least five hours per year to a PWAS activity.

Member Benefits

Membership includes eligibility to exhibit in shows and activities including participation in regional shows at which PWAS buys a space. Members may be required to pay a show fee and / or a percentage of sales to PWAS for shows in which they choose to participate. Participates must adhere to PWAS Art Display Requirements available for download.

Members may participate in PWAS sponsored group trips to art shows and various museums and galleries. 

Membership offers the opportunity to be involved in Community Outreach Programs that offer you exposure as an artist. This includes shows at local venues such as High Schools, Libraries, etc.


Members are encouraged to attend monthly meetings that offer the opportunity to meet other artists, become involved in the operations of this organization, and enjoy refreshments. Special interest programs are set up frequently to highlight an art technique or skill. Programs may be presented by a PWAS member or by an invited guest artist. 

Workshops are held as often as available, frequently on a weekend, to cover skills and techniques in greater depth than is possible at the monthly meetings. The cost for these workshops is kept affordable for members. PWAS non-members are frequently allowed to attend these workshops for a slightly higher fee. 

Membership Dues 

Dues are for one calendar year, January thru December, and are due by the 28th of February.  We have no meeting in January. There is no prorating.

The current dues are shown below:

  • Adult Single ( 18 - 59 ): $30.00 

  • Family: $35.00 

  • Senior (60 or older): $20.00 

  • Sponsor: $50.00-$99.00 

  • Patron: $100.00 and up  


Membership Application 

Joining the Prince William Art Society couldn't be easier, simply print the Membership Form, fill it out and send with your dues to:

Prince William Art Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 2013
Woodbridge, VA 22195