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Terms and Policies

For Buyers


We value your privacy.  We will not sell your contact information to other organizations.  We will only use this information to communicate with you regarding topics related to art.

Terms of Sales:

Art is subjective.  We urge you to carefully examine art before you purchase.  All sales are final.  No refunds.


We do not ship our art.  Customer is responsible for pickup.  Please coordinate with the artist.

For Sellers

Art Selected for Display/Sale:

  • Objectional material (sexually explicit, violent, etc.) is not allowed. 

  • Some shows or locations will be juried (selected by a committee of artists).  See the instructions in each call for art.

  • Membership in PWAS is a requirement for many of our activities, including sales events.

  • The determination of PWAS is final.  

Terms of Sales:

PWAS charges a commission on the sale of art.  Typically 15 - 25%, depending on location or event.  Look for the details on your event.

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