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Calls for Art

We Want to Display Your Art!
Calls for Art

PWAS issues occasional Calls for Art for shows in which our society participates.  Art to be displayed may be selected in a juried process (selected by a panel of artists). Note that PWAS no longer issues calls for art for the Open Space Arts (OSA) gallery in Woodbridge.

Schedule for Art Shows

See the News-Events page of this website.  Calls for Art will be posted there.


Carefully follow all instructions contained in each call for art.  Failure to follow instructions could prevent your art from being selected for display.  The selection panel (jury) will make a judgment based on the photo you submit, so take time and make it a good one (crop out any background or frame).

If Your Art Is Selected for Display
  • Hanging artwork MUST have a wire, not a sawtooth or other hanger.

  • Drop off your art at the stated time.

  • Other requirements are stated in each Call for Art.

Need Advice?

The Artistry Spin Blog has lots of good advice about preparing and displaying your art works.

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