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Scholarship Awards - May 27, 2024

Jewell Pratt Burns Scholarship Awards -


Think about how much fun it is when your work is selected... when you are selected! Chosen because someone appreciates your art work, your effort and your skill.


Now think about being in high school, facing the end of your senior year, and planning your future. Pretty exciting and scary, right? All of a sudden your life is filled with applications and interviews:  Maybe college applications, maybe summer jobs, internships, scholarships.


Sometimes you're just not right for an opportunity, or it's just not right for you. And then you're chosen for some:  You've been accepted to a college, you win a scholarship... because someone thinks you have the talent to succeed in the future you've decided to commit yourself to working toward. What powerful votes of confidence those are, and with meaningful help at this pivotal time.


Each year our membership provides the Jewell Pratt Burns scholarship to help one or two students pursue their dream of getting a degree in the Fine Arts or in Art Education, to increase their opportunities for working in the Fine Art field. Come to the general membership meeting on May 27th and help celebrate our student scholarship winners. Support them as they receive their awards, talk with them and their families over cake and ice cream, and enjoy being a part of this celebration.


Membership meetings are held at the Tall Oaks Community Center, 12298 Cotton Mill Dr., Lakeridge, VA 22192. Meetings start at 7:30 pm. All programs are free and open to the public, who are cordially invited to attend.

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