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Monoprints at June 24th PWAS Meeting

If you are interested in printmaking without a bunch of expensive

supplies, you'll enjoy April's program on monoprints. Professional

artist Michele Frantz will share some collagraphs (where a printing

plate is made by gluing various items to a piece of cardboard) as well

as demonstrating some ways to pull prints from a Gelli plate. We'll get

to see examples of some of the effects that can be achieved and hear

experience driven advice on materials, as well as learn the difference

between a monotype and a monoprint.

Michele says "I've been intrigued by printmaking ever since being

introduced to it in college, but have only recently taken them up again.

For some reason, I just love the flatness of color I get with prints;

it's so different from the way I paint". She has been an active member of

the Manassas art scene for many years and is a well known art

instructor. You can check out some of her work (and play) on her

Programs are free and open to the public who are invited to attend. Meetings begin at 7:30 pm at the Tall Oaks Community Center, 12298 Cotton Mill Dr., Lake Ridge VA


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