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Report: Plein Air Art at Bluebell Festival

A crisp Sunday morning dawned on Merrimac Farm (4/7/2024) as members of the PWAS Plein Air Posse rode into Nokesville, Va. The sun was shining, the wind had died down from the previous day, and five PWAS artists were ready for a perfect day of painting among blooming bluebell flowers.

David Dillon, Robert Dew, Jess Kodad, Doreen Dauer, and Jeff Holman walked down the trail that runs along Cedar Creek until each one found a suitable location to set up shop and begin their individual plein air painting experience.

The morning sunlight, streaming in from the east, cast long dappled shadows on the bluebells and the forest floor. Blues, greens, and browns were the colors of the day as beautiful sketches slowly appeared on the artists’ paper and canvas. Many visitors on the bluebell trail stopped to chat with the artists, offering compliments and words of encouragement. Everyone was smiling and enjoying the sea of azure blue at their feet.

To learn more about their outing and see some photos, (Click Here).

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